What Needs To Be Done

Dramatic research breakthroughs do not occur often, but when they do, they shake the foundations of the scientific and medical world. One such breakthrough occurred in 2006 with the discovery of the FOP gene. That discovery not only changed the course of research in a rare disease, but sprung-open the gates of research in many related diseases that affect millions.

Dr. Thomas Einhorn, the Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery at Boston University wrote:

"The contribution of this discovery into the understanding of FOP and the ripple effects will have an understanding of bone biology in general are enormous."



FOP News

Whitney Fund Facts In Brief

Our Mission

It is our goal to provide the FOP Laboratory with the staff and resources they need to find the cure.

  • To successfully utilize animal models of FOP zebra fish, fruit flies, and mice to learn more about the condition and find novel, yet safe treatment options.
  • To begin trials of medical therapy and treatment options on humans.
  • To provide the most compassionate medical advice and care for our patients
Weldon FOP Research Funding Partners
75 % of all funding for FOP research is driven by FOP family & friends
  • The Isaac and Rose Nassau Professorship of Molecular Orthopedics
  • The Ian L. Cali Fund for FOP Research
  • The International FOP Association
  • The Rita Allen Foundation
25% National Institute of Health